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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Omemee Area Farms Provide Local Flavour

Seeking Farm-Fresh Products? Buy Local!

Buying local is just logical. We are trying to compile lists of farms in the local rural areas. So we are having a Give Away. The first local farm to follow us , and make a comment will receive their choice of either the creation of a basic Facebook business page, or blogsite set up, and co-ordinating Twitter account valued at $70.
So, if you know of someone who sells farm fresh goodness with a farm in the rural area around Omemee, Bethany, Reaboro,Dunsford,Downeyville,Cavan, Mt.Pleasant, Ida, Fowler's Corners, Ops, Cowan’s Bay, Mt. Horeb etc. Give them a shout! Questions? Email the Omemee Pigeon eFlyer.
Here is the list of Omemee Area Farms selling Farm Fresh Goodness we’ve found on the ‘net so far:

Frank and Barbara Anderson
Address: 4246 Highway 7, Omemee, ON K0L 2W0
Phone: 705-799-5891

Cows and Cranio Inc.
Peter and Elizabeth Peeters
All natural beef, guaranteed hormone and antibiotic free. Packages, quarters, halves, pre-formed patties. Call ahead if possible.
Address:541 Emily Park Road RR 1, Omemee, On
Phone: 705-799-7064
Email: cowsandcranio @

Acrevale Farms
Pumpkins, Vegetables
Acrevale is a seasonal farm which features pick your own vegetables as well as a sell at Farm Gate option. This farm is open to the public from 10:00am-6:00pm July through November. Firewood by cord or campfire wood is also available
Address:216 Yankee Line RR#4 Omemee

Kennedy Farms
Beef, Berries, Eggs, Maple Syrup, Vegetables, Flowers/Herbs, Fruit, Poultry, Pumpkins, Vegetables
Kennedy Farms Pure Maple Products & Farm Fresh Produce is a year round operation which features Maple Syrup and Maple products, Strawberries, Sweet Corn and a variety of in-season farm fresh produce. Be sure to stop by the roadside stand to check out a variety of in seasonal flowers and herbs as well as pumpkins and much more.
Address:470 Sturgeon Rd. Omemee
Hours of Operation: Open 7 days a week from 10:00am - 6:00pm

Wildflower Meadows
Flowers/Herbs, Pumpkins, Vegetables
Wildflower Meadows offers the opportunity to cut-your-own flowers as well as a roadside stand and various floral gifts and decor. There will be various flower festivals throughout the summer being held and as well come the fall a pumpkin festival.
Address:235 Sturgeon Road, Omemee
Email: wfmfarm @
Hours of operation: are from May 1 to October 31 Monday to Friday from 9:00am - 3:00pm. If interested in weekends or evening, please call ahead first.

Franklin Farm Herbals
Jill and Gary Cockerell
Jill,a chartered herbalist, grows over 100 herb species, both culinary and medicinal, and has a new Square Foot Market Garden with lettuces, tomatoes, beans, carrots, cucumbers, melons and squash. Gary's hives produce a beautiful golden honey. Jill makes many herbal products, including all natural creams and lotions, herbal teas and tinctures, handmade soaps, bath salts and massage oils, insect repellant and no salt/msg seasonings as well as preserves and pickles.
Jill's new workshop is open to visitors, so if you are curious about how herbal products are made, seasonings, creams, lotions etc, or would like to know more about Square Foot Gardening, specific herbs or just to check out the gardens please stop by.
Address:1453 Fleetwood Road, Bethany, ON (NE corner of Ski Hill Road and Fleetwood Road)
Email:Jillherb @
Hours of Operation:
Thursday: noon - 6pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10am -6 pm
Website:Kawartha Herbs -Franklin Farm Herbals

Corp Creek Farm
Corp Creek Farm offers Hereford Beef by the side or 1/4 , and also sells Registered Breeding stock. Corp Creek Farm Hereford, are grain fed without additives and are hormone free.
Address: 500 Grassy Road, Omemee
Email: corpcreekfarm @
Hours of operation: Please call in advance to make arrangements.

Potash Creek Farms
Dan Vanderzwet
Potash Creek Farms ofers: Cut Your Own Christmas Trees, Fresh hand made wreaths crafted from their own Norway spruce greens and cones, and campfire wood.
Address: 400 Grassy Road.,Omemee, Ontario
Email: potashcreekfarms @
Website: Potash Creek Farms

More to come!

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