Saturday, October 22, 2016

Library Week Freebies Announced!

Omemee, Bethany and Dunsford Libraries Bring Ontario Library Fine Relief!

Last week we received an email highlighting Ontario Library Week events. There were many mentions of special happenings in Kawartha Lakes Library branches located in Lindsay, Fenelon Falls and Bobcaygeon Including a Food for Fines partnership happening at Bobcaygeon Public Library.
Frankly, it was a rather disappointing email, so a reply was sent to Kawartha Lakes Library saying that for our rural branches it seemed as though it was business as usual and asking if the Food for Fines would at least be extended to our rural branches.
It is good to see now, that there are a few items that will include our rural libraries, especially the Food for Fines, which allows people with library fines to exchange food bank donations for their fines. 
How does the Food for Fines work? 
What was in the first press release?>
What other freebies will you find at rural libraries this week?

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Omemee Job Opening ! Sandwich Artist!

Sandwich Artist : Your Ideal Omemee Job?

Omemee job openings are few and far between, though at the turn of the century there were many jobs available.
Did you know Omemee was once a day's journey from Peterborough?
Omemee was a bustling town with hotels, a furniture store, bakery, feed mill, and many other businesses.
With the increased price of gas, and the short range of electric motors, could Omemee once more become a thriving community where travellers stop for the night between Peterborough and Lindsay, or at least a 5 hour charging stop?
That possibility is one being explored  by one Omemee forward thinker on the Omemee Omprovement Group Facebook Page.
However, that is a future  possibility.
Today's jobs are few and far between.
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What Omemee job opportunity did we discover?

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Peterborough Child Pornography Charges Laid!

Could Omemee Children be Porn Targets?

Peterborough Police recently charged a 49 year old man with child pornography. Have your children met him on or offline?

Monday, October 3, 2016

Intact Male Dog Found -Missing Your BFF?

Dog Found Wandering Omemee!

Kawartha Lakes Animal Welfare Society is trying to help find the owner of an intact male dog found wandering in Omemee.
Missing your best fur friend?

Cemetery Vandalism -Inside Job?

Do Omemee Residents Know Who Vandalized This Kawartha Lakes Cemetery? 

Many Omemee residents have family members buried in Riverside Cemetery in Lindsay. City of Kawartha Lakes are asking the public for any clues that may help arrest the person or people who vandalised the cemetery. Police think it may be someone familiar with the workings of cemeteries. If you have clues,  you may be able to get a little cash for your help by calling Crime Stoppers.


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