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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Best Friend: Remembering Matt Courneya Omemee Murder Victim -

Remembering Matt ~

Special to Omemee Pigeon eFlyer by Ashley Anne Wood
Matt Courneya with Ashley Wood Best Friends Matt Courneya 21, catapulted into the media, when he died of stab wounds at a house party in Peterborough, is only a name or a statistic to many,but who was Matt? What were Matt's hopes and dreams? How might a tragedy like Matt's death be prevented in the future? Matt's wake and funeral are set for later this week in Lakefield. Ashley Anne Wood,Matt's best friend,kindly shares her memories, and reflections in this special article - Remembering Matt. 

Remembering Matt 

Matt Courneya: My Best Friend

Matt Courneya wasn't just a friend of mine, he wasn't just a shoulder to cry on, or a person to lean on. Matty Courneya was my best friend, and one of the most incredible ones I've got. Matty and I became best friends about 2 years ago. We'd known each other for 4-5 years, so not that long, but long enough for me to trust him with my deepest darkest secrets. Matt was the kind of gentlemen that would give you the sweater off his back if you were freezing cold, in the middle of winter. He was the kind of guy that would give you the biggest tightest hugs if you needed one, and believe me those hugs made all your problems seem so little and he made them go away.

Matt Courneya: Encourager

I remember when Matty and I spent countless hours talking on msn, he'd always tell me to 'Smile, because you're more beautiful that way.' or tell me : 'Stay Strong Kid!' Matt and I started getting closer and closer as friends, but I never imagined the minute I met him, would be the minute I called him my best friend.

Matt Courneya: Protector

Matt was the kind of guy that would protect anyone like they were his family. He'd always be there to stand up for you, if you needed it. Matt didn't let anyone show disrespect for each other in his presence either. Many people may think of Matty as 'The Tough Guy' 'cause of all the time he spent at the gym, but those that know him, will say he's nothing more then a protective teddy bear.

Matt Courneya: 'Never Give Up'

I remember one day, Matt came over to a house party.  We spent hours playing games I haven't mastered yet, and every time I said 'I can't do it, or I don't want to play'. He'd tell me 'Never Give Up'. Matt would say, 'Keep trying, keep trying!' so I did. Eventually, I ended up being the one who beat his team in the end round.
I have so many memories with Matt that if I were to share them all, you'd be reading this article for days and days. Matt lived his life by his Motto 'Never Give Up'. Matt hit a low point in his life, but even through all of that, he found himself saying 'Never Give Up', and he got back a lot of strength to keep bettering himself. Eventually Matt had 'Never Give Up'  tattooed across his chest like a necklace in a way, so whenever he felt weak, or felt he couldn't keep going, he'd just look at the tattoo, and all his strength would pick him up again.

Matt Courneya: Dreams Unfulfilled

Matt went to college for a culinary course a few years ago, but decided it wasn't for him. He wanted something better, something that fit his life a lot better. So he spent time thinking about what he'd want to do, and eventually he started saying he wanted to become a UFC Fighter, and win the championship.Just recently Matt said he was going to be taking a course at the YMCA, where he spent the majority of his days, to become a personal trainer. You ask any of our friends, they'll tell you Matt would have been the best Personal Trainer out there. He's so inspiring, and he loves the gym. Matt knows exactly what you have to do to get yourself in shape. Matt had a bright future, he knew what he wanted, and he was working towards it. It's a shame someone with aspirations got ripped out of our hearts just 'like that'.

Matt Courneya: Influential Legacy

Matt always pushed me to go back to school. He knew I loved animals, and I was good with them. Matty always said, 'Go to school, go to school. Be my veterinarian one day.' After seeing what's happened to Matt, and how short his life was, I hoping to return to school in January. Each day I feel I can't do it anymore, I'll look up, and I know he'll be saying to me 'Never Give Up.'

Matt Courneya: Don't Let This Happen Again

I wish this didn't have to happen to anyone, but especially not him. Matt was such a bright enthusiastic person. His personality was absolutely gorgeous. There has to be something that can be done to prevent things like this in the future, I just can't say what it is. But to everyone out there, if someone you don't want at your party shows up, don't be afraid of being a 'rat' - CALL THE COPS. Don't risk this happening to your friends, and your family too. My condolences are with his family, and all our friends, and his friends!
Matt Courneya May 8th, 1990- August 31st, 2011.
'Only The Good Die Young'
Ashley Anne Wood , set up a Group on Facebook :Rest In Paradise Matt Courneya!<3 to help friends and family come to terms with Matt’s death. Funeral Services, and visitation for Matt Courneya are set for later this week in Lakefield,Ontario. Wake:Wednesday September 7th, 6 pm-9 pm at Hendren Funeral Home - 66 Queen St. Lakefield. Funeral: Thursday September 8th, 1:00 pm Lakefield United Church, reception to follow. If you need transportation, or can help with transportation, please contact the Car Pool Group on Facebook.

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