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Friday, September 6, 2013

Cavan Wind Turbine Town Hall Report

Scott McFadden Holds Wind Turbine Town Hall Meeting

By Paul Reid 
Scott McFadden held his Town Hall last night at the Cavan Municipal offices regarding the "new" Stoneboat Wind Farm to be situated near Dranoel Rd and Stewart Line, overlooking the Buddist Temple and the Devil's Elbow Ski area.
 For many of the 200 or so in attendance, it must have been a real eye opener about the many downside risks of wind development, inclusive of the inherent waste of tax money, energy poverty, known peer reviewed health risks, devastation of property values, destruction of the pastoral countryside, damage to the Oak Ridge Moraine, and on and on, and on.

Wind Turbine Health Effects Medically Substantiated

There were excellent commentaries from two medical doctors who were very clear and on point that the health effects of infrasound are real, not anecdotal. Proven peer reviewed health effects. As in other areas of the province people will be driven from their homes. This is not "rhetoric" as some have said recently. Simply unemotional fact.
 Having been at this for several years now, and speaking for myself only, not Manvers Wind Concerns, it all felt like an extraordinarily bizarre piece of Kabuki Theatre .
We had the developer , Martin Ince in attendance. Chutzpah? Certainly! But it was surreal to watch the debate about the pros and cons of wind power in some sort of effort to convince Mr. Ince to retreat. This is like " convincing " the tobacco industry that there may be a causal link between cancer and cigarette tobacco. Or asbestos, or DDT, or Love Canal.
 Then finally we had the crowning moment , unless the writer missed it by leaving early overwhelmed by it all.

Wind Turbine Signer Voices Opinion

 A Wind Signer by the name of Winslow stood up and explained why he needs turbines for his estate planning to leave the farm to his children, why he sort of liked the wind power he saw in Denmark 25 years ago, and even more remarkably how he would not respond to threats or bullying. How surprised he was by the community dissent and "lack of respect" and advised this would only strengthen his resolve.
 No doubt Mr. Winslow has his heart in the right place and kudos to him for coming to the meeting. Hopefully, if all of us can put aside our ego and pride, he will come to see through conversation that that there are no greater Bullies in this story than the Green Energy Act, the government, 48 storey wind towers, and the Wind Companies with whom he is presently aligned. Hopefully he will see that he is single-handedly altering the lives of all those in proximity to the giant towers he wants to erect on his farm. One person does not a democracy make. Unless money is truly an issue for this gentleman, then I hope his friends can convince him to heroically change his mind.

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