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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kawartha Lakes Voting Irregularities Cause Concern!! [Editorial]

Kawartha Lakes Landslide Mayoral Victory Proclaimed!

Editorial - Suzanne Sholer B.A. B.Ed.
After waiting for technical problems to be resolved, Kawartha Lakes Mayor  was proclaimed in a landslide victory. There are also eight new councillors in the City of Kawartha Lakes. However, several people who voted in person at Victoria Armouries noted anyone who walked through the doors was allowed to vote without showing any ID. Due to irregularities, what should be done?
What did you think of the voting procedure?

Kawartha Lakes Voting Irregularities

Does it shock you to discover,  anyone who appeared old enough to vote could do so in City of Kawartha Lakes municipal election? Yes, anyone could walk into Victoria Park Armouries, Lindsay and vote. How do I know? Here is my experience.
Kawartha Lakes Voting Irregularities Cause Concern

Kawartha Lakes Voting - No ID Required

Since I did not receive a voting package,  I went to Victoria Hall Lindsay to vote. Entering the hall, I pulled out my driver's license to show at the first table.
"Oh no, you don't need to show that here. Just tell us where you live, and we'll tell you the ward you live in." was the answer.
Being sent to the next station, I was asked which ward I lived in, and handed a statement of residence to complete. Once again, I was told I didn't need to show my ID.
Filling out the form, I was surprised the section for declaring support of school board only contained options for French Immersion, and the Catholic School Boards - no option for the public school board.
I was told to take the form back to station 2, where it was read over. Once again, I was not asked for ID. The form was handed back to me, and then  I was told to take the form back to Station 3 where I would receive a voters kit.
After receiving the kit at Station 3, I was sent to station 4, where my information was entered into a computer system. Here we discovered,  I'd missed filling in my name. Once again,  I was not asked for my ID. I even mentioned the fact I hadn't been asked for ID.
"How do you know I am the person I say I am without seeing ID?"I asked. 
"Well ,  you sign your name two times, so you would be charged with fraud."was the reply. 
"What is there to prevent someone from giving any address and signing any name on the forms?" I asked. 
"Well the person would be charged with fraud." was the reply. 
"So you're telling me they're going to put each form through a hand writing analysis? 
All I could do was shake my head in disbelief.
Next, I was directed to complete the ballot. The ballot needed to be sealed in one envelope, then placed in a second envelope with a mailing slip in a second envelope with the address of the City of Kawartha Lakes showing through the window, and THAT envelope placed in a third envelope.
Finally, I was directed to deposit the envelope in the ballot box.  Where I commented on the process.
"I'm shocked that no one asked me for ID. Apparently anyone could come through those doors and vote." 
"Why would anyone want to do that?" was the reply. 
While standing in the vestibule, another couple came out shaking their heads in disbelief, commenting, "What a farce!"
"Were you asked for ID?" I queried.
"No!" came the scathing reply.
A group of people came into the armouries laughing and chatting. One voice rang out above the rest.
"I needed to get up here and vote today, Andy Letham is my cousin."

Kawartha Lakes Election Results

City of Kawartha Lakes unofficial election results are as follows:
  • Mayor:
    • Bill Denby 654 
    • Brenda Karagiannis 3888 
    • Andy Letham 16055 
    • John Macklem 2338 
    • Donna Villemaire 4742 
  • Counsellor Ward 11 
    • Susan Hall 428 
    • Marcel Loignon 378 
    • Patrick O'Reilly 2174 
  • Councillor Ward 12 
    • Duncan Gallacher 517 
    • Gord James 1460 
    • Emmanuel Kriticos 24 
  • Councillor Ward 13 
    • Angelo Dal Bello 287 
    • Kathleen Seymour-Fagan 869 
    • Pat Warren 809 
  • Councillor Ward 14 
    • Ron Ashmore 638 
    • Eddie Burton 279 
    • Gail Coplen 272 
    • Gerard Jilesen 878 
  • Councillor Ward 15 
    • Mary Ann Martin 583 
    • Janice Salsbury 268 
    • Karl Seidel 302 
  • Councillor Ward 16 
    • Cosmo Carchidi 432 
    • Linda Carder 108 
    • Heather Stauble 860 
  • English Public School Trustee – Wards 5, 9 and 11 
    • Angela Field 1164 
    • David Morrison 3080 
    • Anna Sproule 1362 
  • English Public School Trustee – Wards 10, 12 and 16  - Karen Round ACCLAIMED 
  • English Public School Trustee – Wards 13, 14 and 15 
    • Elizabeth Peeters 1994 
    • Judy Saunders 2035 
  • English Separate School Trustee - Michelle Griepsma ACCLAIMED 
  • French Public School Trustee 
    • Sylvie A. Landry 41 
    • Claude K. Mbuyi 6 
  • French Separate School Trustee 
    • Roger Brideau 34 
    • Olga Lambert 11 
    • Chanel Tarala-Chahine 6
Did you run into any irregularities in the voting process?
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