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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nutritious Nettles- Quick Easy Recipe!

Eat Your Weeds!

From Jill Cockerell Chartered Herbalist
Nettles are the 'go to' herb, for many a herbalist. Instead of saying take two aspirins and call me in the morning, your herbalist will say, 'Geeze, I can't really get a fix on what is wrong with you - take this nettles tincture,or tea, three times a day for the next 3 days and let me know how you feel.'

Nettles - Nutritional Benefits

Nettle tea? What will you be ingesting? Large amounts of chlorophyll, vitamin C, A, some of the B's and loads of iron and calcium; all of which are very good for you. Nettles are just one of many plants which make a useful herbal tea,

Stinging Nettle Remedies

Nettles are prickly, they cause blistering and pain on contact, and most people think they are a very bad plant. I grow some in my medicinal wheel, and encourage them to grow around my barns.
If you come in contact with a nettle patch resulting in blistering, take a nettle tincture to help - it is a fantastic anti-histamine and will also do wonders for your drippy nose. You can also take an over-the-counter anti-histamine, or soak whatever body part in cool water with a few drops of lavender essential oil.

Cooking Nettles

For the brave and fearless heart, nettles can be exchanged for spinach in any recipe. Harvest nettles throughout spring and summer, wearing thick gloves and cutting the whole herb from as close to the ground as you can get. Strip leaves from stalks, and steam them in a small amount of water. Then strain, reserving water to drink as tea.
Add a little butter, pepper, parmesan cheese, garlic, and voila - a very healthy side dish - or, add some onions, tomatoes and mushrooms to the mix and toss it with pasta.
About Jill Cockerell
Jill-Cockerell -Chartered -Herbalist Jill Cockerell is an Herbalist, living and growing on Franklin Farm, a century farm in the Bethany Hills. Over 100 species of herbs, veggies and roses are grown in the gardens, much to the satisfaction of the honeybees. Her shop, 1453 Fleetwood Road, at the corner of Ski Hill Road,is open Thursday, noon – 6 pm, and Friday. Saturday, Sunday, 10 – 6. Herbal teas, seasonings, creams, lotions, ointments, goat milk soaps, honey, preserves,veggies and fruits in season. May - Thanksgiving Questions for Jill's column- 'Ask an Herbalist' can be submitted through her contact form at Kawartha Herbs.

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