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Monday, November 28, 2011

Need Help Posting Events? Some Helpful Tips!

Event Posting Tips : City of Kawartha Lakes Tourism Events Calendar

City of Kawartha Lakes Tourism Calendar of Events is a free, community
service to help City of Kawartha Lakes event organizers promote their events to visitors coming to our great area. Now you can include a jpg poster of your event too!  Please find below, helpful hints for posting your event on the City of Kawartha Lakes online Events Calendar supplied by the City of Kawartha Lakes Tourism Office.

Who Can Use the City of Kawartha Lakes Tourism Event Calendar?

Any organizer planning a public event  taking place within the City of Kawartha Lakes is welcome to post their event if it is appropriate for visitors to attend. Events are reviewed by City of Kawartha Lakes Tourism staff to ensure the content and nature of the posting is suitable for visitors and promotes our city to its best advantage. Events which are not considered appropriate for general audience participation will not be made public. Typically, most events are reviewed within one business day and posted for public viewing.

How To Post Your Event on the City of Kawartha Lakes Tourism Event Calendar

  1. Posting Your Event - Getting Started:
    Before posting an event, please make sure your event is not already listed.If your event is listed, please check that it is accurate.
  2. Posting Your Event -Start /End Date/Time:
    Enter the exact start and end date of your event. If you have an
    event that is recurring over multiple days, enter the event for each of the days it is recurring.  Make sure the times entered for the event are accurate for each of the consecutive days.  Events will not be accepted  that do not specify exact dates and times.
  3. Posting Your Event -Event Title:
    Make the event title as clear as possible for visitors to understand what your event is at a glance. Please do not use capital letters.
  4. Good Event Title examples:  Poor Event Title examples:
    Canada Day in Lindsay Canada Day
    Omemee Santa Claus Parade Santa Claus Parade
    Globus Theatre Presents Harvest Harvest
  5. Posting Your Event Event Category:
    Select the most appropriate event category for your listing. There may be more than one option
  6. Posting Your Event Company/Organization:
    Enter the name of the organization which is hosting the event. This information is made public.
  7. Posting Your Event Event Email:
    Enter an email for your organization. It is essential that the Tourism Office or the public are able to contact you if there is an issue with your posting.
  8. Posting Your Event Event Address:
    Remember that some visitors are not familiar with the City of Kawartha Lakes. Enter the address location and address. This will ensure Google Maps can decipher the information and render a map for your event.
  9. Good Event Address examples: Poor Event Address examples:
    Lakeview Arts Barn, 2300 Pigeon Lakes Rd, Bobcaygeon Lakeview Arts Barn,
    Olympia Restaurant, 106 Kent St. W., Lindsay Olympia Restaurant, Lindsay
    Victoria Park Armoury, 210 Kent St W., Lindsay Victoria Park Armoury, Lindsay
  10.  Posting Your Event -Event Phone:
    This information allows visitors to contact you for more information, purchase tickets, etc. Please enter the most appropriate contact number in the following format: 705-324-9411. Note both phone number and email are required to ensure the ease of contact by visitors and the Tourism Office.
  11. Posting Your Event -Event URL:
    It is very important for the promotion of your event that you enter a website address. Website addresses must be entered in the following format in order for your site to have a live link:  If you do not have a website for your event or organization, please enter: No website available.
  12. Posting Your Event - Event Description:
    Please enter as much information as you can to help visitors make the decision to attend your event. Information such as ticket prices, where to purchase tickets, dress code, etc. can be very helpful.

Bonus! Posting Your Event Attachment:
Here’s a great way to promote your event. To post a jpeg of your event’s poster, handbill, media review or programme, just send them the attachment by email and ask that they post the attachment with your event.  Email your poster in jpeg format to the following address:

City of Kawartha Lakes Tourism Event Calendar-Problems?

If you are having problems posting your event online, contact them so they may correct any problems. For more information or to report a problem, please contact:
Tourism Office
City of Kawartha Lakes
Economic Development
180 Kent St. W
Lindsay ON K9V 2Y6

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