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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Omemee Recycling Day Blue Box Today!

Save Money! Reduce Your Waste!

Recycling Day ? While some people call it Garbage Day, every Tuesday in Omemee is Recycling Day. City of Kawartha Lakes has a two bag garbage collection limit-anything more than that needs to have a pre-paid tag, or you can take it to the landfill. Either option will cost you $3.
Every Tuesday, Omemee residents can reduce their garbage by recycling their waste. On alternate Tuesdays, Omemee has either green fibre (paper) or blue container (plastics, tin) pick up. Please don’t try to recycle anything contaminated with pet waste or motor oil-that’s garbage. Recycled containers must be placed in a recycling bin. They will not be picked up if they are bagged. The only recyclables accepted in bags are shredded paper in a clear plastic bag, or plastic bags bagged in another plastic bag.
Here’s the low down on what you can and can’t put in the recycling bins as well as a few ideas for reusing and rethinking to reduce waste. Please add your ideas in the comments, and we’ll add them to the chart. Download a free Recycling Calendar from the City of Kawartha Lakes site, it  has a tonne of handy info. Click here.

Container Reuse and Recycling

Important: Broken glass should not be placed in the blue box. Instead, set in a sealed and labelled cardboard box for disposal as waste
Category Reuse Yes No Rethink
Glass Bottles and Jars Dishes and mirrors in good condition are welcome at the Fresh Starts Boutique Rinse food and drink containers. Metal lids are recyclable Unless a recycle symbol is visible, plastic lids are not recyclable. No light bulbs, mirrors, dishes or window glass Since plastic lids are not recyclable, opt for containers with metal lids
Polycoat Reuse as planters for small vegetables, such as garlic in your home. All types of milk and juice cartons and Tetra-Paks (drinking boxes).
plastic coffee cup lids
Unless a recycle symbol is visible, plastic lids are not recyclable. You might want to watch this video before purchasing drink containers that you can’t see inside:

Lug a mug, water bottle or thermos.
Metal Cans (Steel and Aluminum) Be sure to save pop tabs for wheelchairs.
Scouts sometimes collect pop cans as well.
Rinse food and drink cans. Place lids inside and pinch to close. No metal pots/ pans, coat hangers or VHS tapes
Aluminum Foil Containers Tie together to make a noisy “scarecrow”.

Make and freeze your own TV dinners.
Clean pie plates, take out containers, baking pans, frozen food trays and aluminum foil. No dirty containers Hmm.. ideas?
Plastic Bags and Film Women Helping Haiti crochet outside plastic milk bags into sleeping mats. One mat can keep up to 300 bags out of the landfill.
Bring your milk bags to Fresh Start Boutique.
Clean grocery, sandwich, bread, milk bags, frozen vegetables and dry cleaning bags,plastic food wrap. Place all bags and film in one bag and tie closed No dirty plastic Buy milk in reusable jugs from Macs Milk in Omemee.

Use reusable containers for lunches.
Empty Paint Cans/Empty Aerosol Cans Only completely dry and empty paint and aerosol cans will be collected. It’s free to take cans containing aerosols or liquid paint to our Household Hazardous Waste Depot. Opt for non-aerosol  hairspray-
We have a number of local AVON representatives who can order it in for you.
Baked Goods Trays These make great mini greenhouses with used teabags. Clamshell type clear containers. Tote a container and buy from a local shop like Ruby’s Roost Cafe and Pastry Shop.
Plastic Containers Reuse containers for storage.
Take motor oil/ antifreeze to hazardous waste do not reuse.
Plastic bottles, jugs, tubs and lids with a recycle symbol of 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 7. No plastic cutlery, motor oil/antifreeze type containers or large plastic items such as pails.No VHS tapes. Note:Real Canadian Drinking water lids are #8
Check the recycle number on containers before purchasing.
Styrofoam Containers Take egg cartons to local egg producers. Foam cups, plates, white fast food containers, meat trays and egg cartons. No packing peanuts or Styrofoam insulation. Reduce packaging whenever possible.
Small Plastic Flower Pots packs. Check with the Omemee Horticultural Society. Flower pots smaller than shrub pots are accepted. No plant trays and cell packs


Green Box (Fiber) Recycling

Category Reuse Yes No Rethink
Newspaper/Fine Paper Take your clean fine paper to NP Media business solutions and get notepads made up. Newspapers, insert flyers, catalogues, magazines, phone books, mail, writing paper and envelopes (including window envelopes). No shipping envelopes with bubble liner. Put a no flyers notice on your mailbox.
Other Packaging Take egg cartons to local egg producers.

Paper towel rolls are welcome at schools.
Brown paper bags, fibre egg cartons, toilet/paper towel rolls and paper coffee cups (without plastic lids – those go in the blue box). No biodegradable paper products (i.e. drinking cups) and pet food bags. Lug a mug.
Wrapping Materials Non-metallic wrapping paper and greeting cards. No gift bags with rope, metal handles or other decals.
No metallic wrapping paper
Give gifts in a re-useable bag
Boxboard  Schools and the Omemee Children’s Centre find clean boxboard handy. Check with local churches too.
Reuse boxes to shelve magazines.
Remove liners and handles.
Boxes from: cereal, cracker, detergent, drug, shoe, gift and tissue boxes.  Wax coated boxes such as frozen food boxes and ice cream cartons are also added to the green box.
No peat pots nor Clementine boxes. Opt out of bringing home shoeboxes. Buy larger quantities, to cut down on the amount of packaging.
Purchase Clementines in Corrugated Cardboard boxes, or plant Sea Buckthorn and harvest your own citrus fruit.
Corrugated Cardboard Use for garden mulch. Cardboard has a rippled layer in the middle and includes clean pizza boxes. Remove tape and other material from boxes. Break down into flat pieces and bundle. Bundles must be no larger than your green recycle box. No dirty cardboard. Take a reusable bin when you go grocery shopping.
Books Trade in books in good condition at the Gently used Books Shop Hard and soft cover books. Nothing with pet waste-that’s garbage. Borrow books from the library, or purchase ebooks to read on your computer or a portable kindle device.
So what’s left?
  • Drink pouches- Omemee Children’s Centre is saving these for a fundraising project
  • Green waste- (Vegetable and fruit leftovers)- try composting or vermi-composting.
  • Electronic Waste- If it runs on batteries, or electricity, call NP Media Business solutions to see if it is acceptable in their eWaste program (just about everything except power tools and kitchen appliances)
  • Clothing,toys etc.- Take any reusable items to the Second Chances Boutique
  • Campbell’s Soup Labels- Village Churches and Schools are saving these
  • Used Stamps-Local churches save these for the Leprosy Society
  • Medical Waste Register: Call the Medical Waste Register 705-324-9411.
  • Metal Recycling-tires, scrap metal,propane tanks and car batteries brought
    to City (landfills), are recycled
  • Printer Cartridge /Cell Phone  Drop-Off Program – Schools are accepting these
  • Household Battery Drop-Off Program – Omemee Public Library, or the Service Centre
  • Leaf & Yard Waste-keep it till fall or take to the landfill for free
  • Textile Collection- Next clothing, and fabric pick up is May 3rd
  • Hazardous Waste- There is a huge list of hazardous wastes accepted for free at the landfill.
Still need those extra garbage tags? Pre-Paid Tags are available for purchase at the Omemee Municipal Service Centre 1 King Street West 705-799-5254, Omemee Public Library 705-799-5711, and Riverview Marina 913 Peace Road 705-799-5837.
The following Residential/ Commercial Recycling Containers can be purchased at the Omemee Municipal Services Office:
Apartment/ Desk-side blue and green boxes $6.00 Standard 16 gallon blue and 14 gallon green boxes $7.00 Extra large 22 gallon blue boxes (for containers only) $9.00 Blue & green box lids $5.00 Backyard Composters $40.00 Kitchen Pails $8.00 Vermi-Composters Prices vary
Our closest Landfill Site is at 911 Address: 51 Wilson Road North-east of Lindsay,off CKL Rd 36.

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