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Friday, May 20, 2011

Omemee Pigeon Flyer Asks: How Will You Spend May 24 Weekend?

Looking for ideas? Lots Happening Close to Home!

Victoria Day, May 24th originally a day to celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday, for a while took a backseat to Canada Day Festivities, but this weekend locals will be able to really celebrate with so many special events, it will be difficult to choose where to go.

How will you spend Victoria Day Weekend?

Omemee Events

Omemee Lioness and Lions Fundraiser

Charity BBQ, Baking,Plants, Yard Sale

See Lions and Lioness Fundraising Article.

Omemee Market

Grand Opening

Offering Rent One Day Get One Day Free Spaces

See Omemee Artists Article.

Green Side Up Native Plant Nursery

Saturday to Monday-Grand Opening

See Details on the Green Services Website

 South of Omemee:

Bethany Victoria Day Weekend Celebration

Huge Weekend Long Event! See details on the Bethany Park website.

East of Omemee

Fowler’s Corners Lions Club

Fireworks Fundraising event All Weekend

See Details in the Fowler’s Corners Lions Announcement 

North of Omemee

Hiawatha First Nations 17th  Annual Traditional Powwow

May 21st and 22nd

See Details on :

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