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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Greater Omemee Area Green Thumb Growers Guide

Looking for plants? Tips and Giveaway for Local Businesses

Greater Omemee Area is blessed with great green thumb services and know how! Unfortunately, much local expertise is hidden. Minute to Market. a local economical web solutions company, offers  tips and a Giveaway to help change this blink.

Current Search Results Disappointing

A search for plants Omemee on Google Maps, turns up a myriad of choices, some as far away as Stouffville. Minute to Market combed through seven pages of Google Maps search results to seek out gardening services in the Omemee area, and were disappointed not to find such poor results. At this point, only three  talented Green Thumbs are showing up in the Google maps search for plants Omemee, as shown in the screen shot of the map below.

View Updated Dynamic Greater Omemee Area Green Thumb Gardening Guide Map in a new window

The three businesses showing in Google Maps search for plants Omemee are:
 Grow Wild! Native Plant Nursery, Landscaping & Biological Consulting
 Anna's Perennials
 Blossom Hill Nursery

Which Omemee Area Gardening Businesses Are Missing from 'Plants Omemee' Searches?

There are a great many plant related businesses within 15 minutes of Omemee that could benefit from showing up in a search for 'plants Omemee'.  First, the obvious - anyone selling plants within 15 minutes of Omemee could definitely benefit from showing up in a Google search for 'plants Omemee'. Several excellent resources for Omemee Area Gardeners offering plants include: Omemee Heights Greenhouses, Green Side Up Environmental Services,Gamiing Centre For Sustainable Lakeshore Living, and Full Circle Gardening Services; unfortunately none of these show in Google Map searches for'plants,Omemee'.

Who else might benefit from being found in a Google Maps search for 'plants Omemee'?

Businesses providing equipment or services, for people searching for 'plants Omemee'could benefit from being found in such a search. For example, you could definitely benefit from being found if you offer one of the following: gardening services, mulch, tree cutting, landscaping, fertilizer,gardening tools, lawn mowers, gardening gloves, garden lighting, seeds,or any of the myriad of other essential items a person seeking plants might need.

Local Business Owner Explains Why Businesses are not Claiming Google Places Pages

Many businesses in the Omemee area, have gone to the time and expense of trying to help people find their businesses online by setting up websites, Facebook pages or blogs,or even paying for online advertising, yet still do not show in essential searches. Why is this? Businesses are not showing in searches, because they have not claimed their free Google Places page. Why not?
Suzanne Castell,co-owner of NP Media Business Solutions explains: "Perhaps, like many business owners, they do not know of the advantages of claiming their free Google (Places) page, or like us, wondered what the catch might be claiming something that is advertised as free." Ms. Castell continued:"Suzanne from Minute to Market,was amazing! She helped us take control of our Google page,and gave us tips on claiming more free online pages. It was very fast."
While it is true, Google, and other companies offer Free business pages, as a means of finding potential clients,  there is no obligation to accept advertising services from anyone.
Tips to Help Businesses Make It Easier for New Customers to Find Them

Even if plants are not the mainstay of your business, during peak gardening seasons, you will want people to know about your related products and services.The first steps in helping your business get found in Google Maps searches, are as follows:
  1. First, claim your Google Places Page. 
  2. Next, add comments with relevant terms to your Places page
  3. Link to your Places Page,
Best of all- it’s FREE!

Giveaway Prize for Local Businesses

Minute to Market, in conjunction with Omemee Pigeon eFlyer, is offering this prize to all local businesses: 1 hour Assistance Free Google Places Page Set Up Assistance, or Set up of a Square button ad, with Interconnected Article highlighting their business (which will run for free for one month on Omemee Pigeon eFlyer) (Approximate Retail Value of this Prize is $25) To claim this prize a local business simply needs to do the following:

  1. Follow Omemee Pigeon eFlyer either through eMail or through Networked Blogs.
  2. Go to Minute to Market's blog,then leave a comment on this post about something you learned on their blog,along with contact details about your local business.(Hey! It's a Free ad!)
A winner will be chosen by on June first from all eligible entries.

In addition, each plant related business which follows Omemee Pigeon eFlyer will be added to the Omemee pigeon eFlyer Greater Omemee Area Green Thumb Growers Guide map to thank them for following Omemee Pigeon eFlyer.
If you know of a great business in Omemee and Area , who should be found, when someone searches Google maps for their product or services, make sure they contact Minute to Market for assistance. They do barter!

Garden Diary Image
Image: Simon Howden /

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