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Thursday, March 22, 2012

How Much Money Do You Make? Health Unit Salaries Released!

Health Unit Publishes Salary Disclosure Information~

'How much money do you make?' Front Page Challenge panelist, Gordon Sinclair, was renowned for making guests squirm on the 60's show by asking guests this question. While some may have thought it nosy; it was a question many watching wanted answered. The respondent to the question on the show then attempted to explain what they did to merit their salary.

Health Unit -Sunshine Salary List

So called 'Sunshine Salary Lists' of government employees, only give a name and a number. Are these employees giving value for the dollar? Outsiders are hard put to know. What we can do, however is use these salaries as a carrot for our children to encourage them in successful career paths. The latest group of employees to have their 'Sunshine Salaries' made public are those working at the Haliburton - Kawartha- Pine Ridge Health Unit. Omemee Pigeon eFlyer wishes to congratulate the following employees for reaching 'Sunshine Salary Status'.
• Noseworthy, Lynn - Medical Officer of Health $306,117.64 plus $490.76 Taxable Benefits
• Dingman, Diane - Director, Communicable Disease Control
$117,538.70 plus $490.76 Taxable Benefits
• McCarey, Linda - Assistant Director, Communicable Disease Control
$109,318.02 no Taxable Benefits
• Bickle, Susan- Director, Administration and Human Resources $107,271.82 plus $490.76 Taxable Benefits
• Kelly, Fiona- Director, Family Health
$107,121.82 plus $490.76 Taxable Benefits
• Orpana, Leslie - Director, Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention $107,121.82 plus $490.76 Taxable Benefits

What Does a Medical Officer of Health Do?

Lynn Noseworthy, Medical Officer of Health tops the salary list for last year. What exactly is entailed in being a Medical Officer of Health?
According to a recent ad for a Medical Officer of Health, for Lambton County:
A full-time Medical Officer of Health is a source of expertise across the range of public health issues including: communicable disease, environmental health, health promotion, family health, chronic diseases, injury prevention and substance misuse, infectious diseases prevention and control, maternal and child health, and emergency preparedness and response.
In this position the Medical Officer of Health is responsible to: advise the Board of Health and decision‐makers about health concerns in the population, make recommendations for policy and strategies to address priority health issues, and contribute to health planning for the County. This position serves as The area's medical authority in public health, providing evidence‐informed advice to public health staff, health care professionals, particularly physicians, municipal councils, school boards, the media, the community and community groups through ensuring current relevant evidence is applied in the development and implementation of public health policies and programs.

Medical Officer of Health Qualifications

A candidate for this position will possess a medical degree acceptable in Canada, and a licence to practice medicine in Ontario. Candidates must be registered with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and possess one of the following additional certifications:
(a) A fellowship in community medicine (Public Health and Preventive Medicine from The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada);
(b) A certificate, diploma or Master’s degree from a university in Canada that is granted after not less than one academic year of full-time post-graduate studies or its equivalent in public health, comprising Epidemiology, Quantitative methods, Management and Administration, and Disease prevention and health promotion; or
(c) Graduation from a university outside Canada that is considered by the Minister to be equivalent to the qualifications above.
Experience in the practice of medicine including at least three years in an administrative/managerial capacity in a public health agency or department would be an asset. The ideal candidate should have the ability to apply the following concepts to public health practice: the health status of populations, inequities in health, the social determinants of health and illness, as well as the factors that influence the use of health services.
The incumbent will be encouraged to continually seek and acquire professional development in order to maintain ongoing improvement in skill areas consistent with enhancing organizational operations and outcomes.

Medical Officer of Health Salary Range

The salary range for Medical Officer of Health position is as described in accordance with the 2008 Physician Services Agreement between the Ontario Medical Association and the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care.
Participation in the OMERS pension plan is mandatory. The County of Lambton offers a comprehensive benefit package, including long-term disability and an extended health plan.

Ready to apply? See the sources section below, but you better hurry the deadline for the Lambton County position is tomorrow!
•Health Unit Salaries-In accordance with the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act, the Haliburton, Kawartha Pine Ridge District Health Unit provided its salary information on employees whose salaries and taxable benefits exceeded $100,000 in 2011 on March 22, 3:19pm
• MOH Job Description: Lambton County MOH Position PDF
• Gordon Sinclair Image : CBC Archives:Gordon Sinclair

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