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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Where Will You Find This Nest? Photo of the Week!

Huge Wasp Nest Spotted Close to Ground

This enormous wasp nest was spotted in a Conservation area,just on the outskirts of Omemee. Do you know where it is?

Paper Wasps Help Food Grow

Did you know paper wasps help food grow? Adult wasps feed on nectar from flowers. They are found on flowers, and play a role in the pollination of plants. When wasps move from flower to flower, it helps the flowers grow into fruit and seeds for us to eat.

One of the most common wasps in Canada, paper wasps are named for their habit of making paper nests. This wasp is medium sized, with a small head and slender body that is mostly black, with a few yellow strips. They only tend to sting when their nests are disturbed.

Paper wasps are social insects. They live in a small colony inside one nest. The nests are shaped like upside down cones, with open hexagonal cells made from paper: wood fibers mixed with the wasps' saliva. The wasps collect the wood fiber from dead wood, wooden structures, and plant stems. The nest is usually attached by one filament, hanging downwards from a tree branch, house eave, or other surface.

The life cycle the paper wasp is like that of the yellow jacket. paper wasps live in colonies with one fertile queen, responsible for laying all the eggs. The larvae hatch and when there are enough adult workers, they take over the queen’s job and feed the young. Paper wasps feed their larvae chewed-up insects, such as caterpillars, flies and beetle larvae.

The sterile workers help build the nest and guard it. By late summer, the queen stops laying eggs and the colony starts to decline. By winter, the females that have mated leave the dying nest to find a site to survive the cold months.

You can find out more about other insects that help plants grow food at:Pollination Canada.

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