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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Zip! Omemee Residents “Left Holding The Bag”

Speedy Sanitation Workers Clean Up in No Time Flat - Leave Unwary Residents Sitting With Bags of Garbage

The Trash Bag Crop is ThrivingOn Tuesday, residents who had not set their garbage out early were literally left holding their bags. Although the Residential Waste Calendar warns: ”Curbside set out time is 7:00 a.m. (6:00 a.m. in some downtown cores)." and " The truck may not always come at the same time every week."
Many Omemee residents, have become used to the recycling truck arriving as late as 4 p.m. in the afternoon. Therefore, rather than put their trash and recycling out early in the morning, or the prior evening, they choose to set it out closer to the expected arrival of the truck that lumbers along the streets.

Increased Efficiency Increases City Coffers

The habit of relying on the sanitation workers to arrive later in the afternoon, may have compounded Tuesday morning’s the speedy pick up rate, since there would have been fewer stops to make along the way.

While many householders were not affected by scheduling change,those who were not as nimble. have been left with one to two bags of garbage on their hands. Householders who have been left holding their garbage till next week will now need to purchase tags for their bags, in order to set them out next week if they generate two bags of garbage this week. While $2 a tag, may not seem like much, when compounded, by the number of villagers having to purchase tags this week, you could say, the city really “cleaned up”.
Village Reactions
One resident noted:”I usually wait to set the garbage out, just before 3:00,it helps keep the cats and dogs from making a mess of things. I was lucky, I heard the truck headed down the street before noon, and was able to catch them.”
“Yeah,” added another,”When you put your trash out the night before, raccoons have a riot, and then you have to bag it up again in the morning.”

While increased efficiency is usually to be lauded, in this case, it really stinks!

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